Wednesday, January 29, 2020


The Torrey Company is widely recognized throughout New England as a leader in Commercial Construction. Here are the practices The Torrey Company employs:

Pre-Construction Planning

  • Determination of your project's complexity, budget, time tables and construction requirements
  • Material, building systems and equipment assessment and selection 
  • Complete, detailed estimates
  • Employment of the most appropriate, value-added engineering processes to ensure compatibility of quality and price

Project Management

  • Progress/status reporting from beginning to end
  • Professional management strategy throughout the process
  • Dedication to procuring the highest quality materials at the lowest cost to you
  • Ongoing supervision to ensure completion of every phase, according to schedule

Total Building/Construction Services

The Torrey Company has a solid background and experience in business, engineering 
and construction.

The Torrey Company will take on the often cumbersome responsibilities such as cost and quality control, safety compliance, scheduling and other delay-preventing tactics. With a fully functioning facility, The Torrey Company can house every type of professional service and skill necessary for a smooth, worry-free process that finishes in a remarkable, successful, result.

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